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News March 2012

March 29/2012

We are pleased to announce the release of our update to Simplex Spelling Phonics 1 (Version 1.3.0). We made a number of improvements many of them based on feedback from educators, including:

- Updated graphics to support the new iPad
- Changed how the phonogram hint buttons appear to aid more with phonemic awareness.
- Increased the maximum number of user accounts to 40.
- Replaced most of the two syllable words in the early word lists with single syllable words.
- Added some better transition words between one and two syllable words in the earlier word lists.
- The speech button will pulse now after a period of inactivity to help students that are easily distracted to resume working more seamlessly.
- Removed link to our FB page.

Simplex Spelling Phonics 1 will be featured and on sale tomorrow March 29th as a part of App Friday over at Moms With Apps. In additional Simplex Spelling HD will also be on sale. Both apps will be $1.99 (60% off of the regular $4.99 price). In addition we'll be keeping both our apps on sale up to and including April 2nd in support of Autism Awareness. Grab them both while they're on sale.

MWA App Friday

March 28/2012

Our privacy policy has been updated in order to better clarify specific details. We've also added a more prominent Privacy Policy menu option to the navigation bar to make it easier to find.

March 9/2012

The app review site App Sparkle recently posted their review of Simplex Spelling Phonics 1 giving it 5/5 stars.

A great app for teaching your children to spell

"The interface is easy to use and hints help the user along the way if he or she gets stuck on a particular word. This is a great app for teaching your children to spell."
"It is an awesome and a solid, educational spelling app to help boost your child's confidence."