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News Sept 2012

Sept 17, 2012

Pyxwise is thrilled to announce that we will be at the Touch Technology Applications for Children With Special Needs Conference and Expo in St. Louis Missouri on September 17th-18th. Dr. Lisa Welburn has been asked speak about our Simplex Spelling apps and will be giving a presentation at the conference entitled "Spelling Out Solutions to the Literacy Crisis".

Touch Technology Applications for Children With Special Needs Conference and Expo

Sept 8, 2012

Check out the POV App Review Carnival and giveaway at Able2Able, Life With My Special Ks, Dear Autism and Kat's Cafe. 4 bloggers representing children with a variety of special needs have reviewed our Simplex Spelling series of apps. Check out the different points of view of parents of children with different needs . Each is also doing a giveaway of two complete sets of the Simplex Spelling Series (Dolch Sight Words, Phonics 1 and Phonics 2).

Two reviews and their giveaways are already posted, with the others coming soon. Check out their blog sites, stop by and say hello and enter each of their giveaways for a great chance at winning a complete set of our Simplex Spelling apps.

"Simplex Spelling apps teach critical thinking. The apps give students the review and practice they need to apply their developing phonemic awareness. This means they are thinking and decoding instead of memorizing and repeating." - Anara Able2Able

Sept 6, 2012

Simplex Spelling was recently featured by News Watch TV in their list of amazing back to school apps.



Sept 5, 2012

Pyxwise is pleased to announce the release of our latest update (1.4.4) to Simplex Spelling Phonics 1. This latest update includes a number of improvements including:

- Added the ability to set the number of times a word must be spelled correctly before it will be considered "mastered" (default is three times).
- Added the ability to view the contents of each spelling list from the main menu.
- Added the ability to review what words were missed upon reaching the end of a word list.
- Added new information about closed syllables to a couple of the earlier lessons.
- Improved the behavior of the backspace key to initially skip over correct letters.
- Added new silent 'e' spelling tips to a few words.
- Directed all the links in the email/contacts menu to child safe web pages that cannot be navigated away from.
- Added a "tips" button to the email/contacts menu that includes new hints and tips for using Simplex Spelling.
- Due to popular demand, the keyboard now defaults to QWERTY (it can be changed back to alphabetical in the settings menu).
- The app now prompts users to adjust the app settings to their liking immediately upon creating a new user account.