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Simplex Math Galactic Blaster is lightyears ahead in math, and your child will be too!

Help your child excel in math with Simplex Math Galactic Blaster. This professionally developed math skills learning app combines powerful teaching algorithms with statistical tracking tools to teach and observe your student's math learning progress. Fun, easy to use, and customizable, this math app is perfect for teaching children math while keeping parents and teachers updated with progress reports.

What makes this math app unique?

With the reward-based math learning game mechanics, the statistical improvement tracking algorithms, and parent / teacher email options, COPPA Compliance, incremental skills leveling, and ease of use, this Simplex Math Galactic Blaster is lightyears ahead in educational math skill building apps for children.

How it works:

Focusing on the basic math operations, (+ x - ÷), the child selects the math skill they wish to work with on their learning level. After solving the problem correctly, they will be rewarded with game-based gems and other in-game rewards. When they earn enough rewards they can then exchange them for spaceships that can be used to help them blast away new math problems. When using the app, on a regular basis, the statistical performance tracker allows the progress to be monitored by parents and teachers. This valuable data can be used for identifying areas of strengths and weakness in their math skills.

The features:

If you can measure it, it can be improved.

Math is an important skill. Helping your child to excel at math can be an easy, fun, and rewarding experience with Simplex Math Galactic Blaster. Not only will it help with learning and teaching, it also keeps parents, teachers, and students on the same page. Progress updates that include bar graphs and table data can help pinpoint the math learning strengths as well as areas that could use improvement.

Multiple students?

Yes indeed! You can create up to 40 user accounts.

Because privacy matters:

Simplex Math Galactic Blaster does NOT share data. There are no 3rd party ads. No onboard links to social media. The parental gate is used for all the links to app information, the developer's website, as well as email support, developer contact, and app ratings.

Learning and gaming:

The best way to engage children with learning, is to present it in such a manner that they can grasp it with ease. With Simplex Math Galactic Blaster, kids can learn while they engage in an interesting learning adventure that is presented as a game. This app is not only educational, it is also very fun and offers your kids the basis for a lifelong adventure of skills learning. No matter what your child is trying to learn, from art to physics, math holds a special place in measuring, analyzing, and improvement in most any subject. Help them start out with an excitement for math by offering them a platform that they can identify with. Offer them Simplex Math Galactic Blaster.

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Teachers With Apps recommends Simplex Math Galactic Blaster

"This app is most of all fun, and will have you humming along in minutes. Its beautiful interface is clear and without extraneous clutter, and it delivers on teaching what it proposes. Pyxwise Software Inc. really has a hit on their hands with Simplex Math Galactic Blaster: A Fun Arithmetic Game for School Kids. It will be one you'll want to beam up onto your iPad. This is a TWA Top Pick and one to certainly check out! Highly Recommended."