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Simplex Spelling Phonics 1 title

Spellyfish - Short A Words was featured by Apple upon release as New & Noteworthy along with being featured as one of Apple's Presschool & Elementary apps in the Education category of the US App Store.


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Children will join the adorable and friendly Spellyfish the jellyfish on an underwater adventure as Spellyfish uses phonics to teach your child how to spell consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words that contain the letter 'A' and the short /a/ sound.

Spellyfish 'A' words is aligned with the US Common Core Standards for building foundational skills in reading for Kindergarten. It teaches critical skills such as : the isolation and pronunciation of the initial, medial vowel and final word sounds; phonological and phonemic awareness through the segmenting and blending of words; the recognition of rhyming words; the substitution of individual sounds to make new words; the letter to sound correspondence for the primary consonant sounds; the association of sounds with graphemes; how letters are sounded out from left to right; the recognition of upper and lower case letters; and the reinforcement of both letter sounds and letter names for each letter.

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What others are saying:

Mom's Choice Gold Award

Honored as the best in family-friendly media, products and services.

The iPhone Mom Approved Review - Simplex Spelling Phonics 2

The iPhone Mom (5/5 stars)

"Every so often, an app comes along that I instantly love and know is going to be a winner with my kids. Spellyfish – Short A Words was one of those apps. This app has it all: Fantastic graphics, wonderful animation, educational content and FUN! Your preschoolers and Kindergarteners will have a great time in this underwater phonics adventure with the adorable "Spellyfish" the Jelly Fish and his ocean friends."
"I had my Kindergartener sit down and play this app last night and he was instantly hooked. He played 2 rounds and did not want to give it up when it was time to get ready for bed. In fact, he asked to play the app first thing when he woke up this morning! I absolutely LOVE apps that make learning fun for my kids. Parents and teachers alike are sure to love this app. Spellyfish – Short A Words gets 10 gold "starfish" from me. I hope that there are more letter sounds to follow!"

Smart Apps For Kids (4.5/5 stars)

"Spellyfish is a great new spelling app from the makers of the Simplex Spelling apps, my favorite spelling apps for older kids. "
"This app is an absolute necessity for any teacher or parent of a kindergarten or first grade student (or students spelling at the early level.) It very effectively teaches letter sounds, basic spelling, and even vocabulary. I'll be using it a lot this year, both with my 6 year old daughter and my speech-language therapy students at school."

Long Island News Day (Top Fun & Educational App)

Maria Bailey, the host of Mom Talk Radio lists her top 5 fun and educational apps on Long Island News Day. Spellyfish - Short A Words earned a spot at #3.

Autism Plugged In

"Pyxwise always creates and delivers quality applications, and Spellyfish - Short A Words is no exception! This app is visually stimulating, covers topics in detail, provides help whenever kids need it, and tracks user progress. This is surely going to become one of my go-to apps when it comes to recommending spelling programs, and you should definitely try it out!"

AppyMall rates Spellyfish 5/5

AppyMall (5/5 - Angie Gorz)

"This app is appropriate for special needs children due to the visual and verbal prompts, larger keyboard, engaging visuals, engaging character, and many of the options in the app! My own son played with app independently for almost an hour! It is kid tested, and mom approved! There are no links, ads, or in-app purchases. I highly recommend this app."

Fun Educational Apps Top Pick - Spellyfish - Short A Words

Fun Educational Apps (Top Pick)

"Fun Educational Apps recognizes Spellyfish- Short "A" Words with its latest Top Pick in the category of beginning reading apps."
"I look at Spellyfish- Short "A" Words, and I see an app that has been designed by someone who knows how to teach beginning readers. Spellyfish- Short "A" Words helps lay a solid foundation for phonemic awareness, the ability to take individual sounds and blend them together into words. " - Julie Peterson SLP

Best Apps For Kids gives Spellyfish 5/5 stars.

Best Apps For Kids (5/5)

"Another great Spellyfish app that will engage children in learning to spell, read, and sound out short words. Perfect for young children wanting to get a jump start on their reading skills."
"It is always nice to find phonics apps that are engaging and educational and the Spellyfish apps are excellent for early learners. "
"While many educational apps tend to lack a bit of entertainment, there is something about the Spellyfish apps that really keep children engaged. On top of the awesome illustrations and sound effects, children who enjoy challenges and goal oriented apps will enjoy this one."
"This is one app you don't want to miss for your preschooler."

The iMums review Spellyfish - Short A Words

The iMums 4.5/5

"I have been using this app with my six-year-old daughter who is just starting first grade (but still working on mastering these words) and she really enjoys using it to work on her spelling and reading skills. As she has been struggling with learning to read it was really reassuring to see her confidently sounding out words and working out how to spell them with Spellyfish as her guide. This is a really well-done app and I'd love to see more apps in this series covering more word groups for beginning readers."
"Overall, a great app for beginning readers, Spellyfish has a cute underwater theme, fun sound effects and engaging characters. It introduces children to spelling and reading 30 cvc words such as cat, rag, Sam, pat and van. It is very customizable, tracks multiple users, is great for Special Needs children and costs only 99c, highly recommended ! A must-have app for Kindergarten students."

Kids-App-Reviews awards Spellyfish 4.5/5

Kids-App-Reviews 4.5/5

"The Spellyfish is both cute and smart, and will surely have your child excited about learning to spell the short "a" words."

Balefire Labs Top Rated App - Spellyfish Phonics Short A Words