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Children will join the adorable and friendly Spellyfish the jellyfish on an underwater adventure as Spellyfish uses phonics to teach your child how to spell consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words that contain the letter 'I' and the short /i/ sound.

Spellyfish Phonics - Short 'I' words is aligned with the US Common Core Standards for building foundational skills in reading for Kindergarten. It teaches critical skills such as : the isolation and pronunciation of the initial, medial vowel and final word sounds; phonological and phonemic awareness through the segmenting and blending of words; the recognition of rhyming words; the substitution of individual sounds to make new words; the letter to sound correspondence for the primary consonant sounds; the association of sounds with graphemes; how letters are sounded out from left to right; the recognition of upper and lower case letters; and the reinforcement of both letter sounds and letter names for each letter.

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What others are saying:

Editor's Choice Award - Spellyfish

Best Apps For Kids (5/5 stars - Editor's Choice Award)

"For parents looking for an engaging app that will help children learn to read, spell, and sound out their letters, Spellyfish Phonics- Short I Words is a great app. Through a variety of short word lessons, wonderful graphics, and an underwater concept, children are going to love learning to spell simple three letter words."
"Priced at just under a dollar this app is an absolute steal! Parents and teachers don't want to miss out on this app and all the wonderful educational features that it includes."
"Teachers will certainly find this to be an awesome addition to the classroom for not a lot of money."
"Spellyfish Short I Words is an awesome educational app that uses a variety of lessons to teach children how to spell in fun under water environment."

Smart Apps For Kids (4/5 stars)

"Spellyfish Phonics from developer Pyxwise goes beyond teaching short I vowel families and usage and addresses phonemic awareness skills, word decoding, letter sounds, blending — you name it."
"If your kiddo needs a little extra help along the way, orange and yellow starfish help him locate sounds and letters for added visual and auditory support. Working in special education I'm all about apps that add in differentiated instruction for me."
"The graphics in this app are top-notch and not too distracting from the boat-loads of learning that take place inside this app."
"Spellyfish is one of those rare apps that is useful and educational enough to be used in the classroom by teachers, assistants, and interventionists alike, but not so intimidating that a parent or other caregiver couldn't download it and make use of it for home practice. At only 99 cents, the content is more than what you pay for, instead of the other way around."
Balefire Labs Top Rated App - Spellyfish Phonics Short I Words