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Simplex Spelling HD Word Lists


hi, can, hint, the, drag, blue, tap, on, help, a

Word List 1A

I, and, it, is, big, go, jump, run

Word List 1B

for, up, in, find, make, look, one, play

Word List 1C

to, not, you, we, red, here, away, down, little

Word List 1D

my, see, come, three, me, funny, where, said, yellow

Word List 2A

at, did, do, but, all, no, yes, was, like, ride

Word List 2B

get, am, he, be, now, so, too, ran, under, four

Word List 2C

new, well, ate, eat, with, that, will, this, they, there

Word List 2D

are, she, brow, our, into, black, must, pretty, say, please

Word List 2E

soon, good, have, came, want, went, out, what, saw, white, who

Word List 3A

an, had, any, let, ask, by, fly, put, stop, take

Word List 3B

of, as, from, has, his, her, just, him, open, again

Word List 3C

how, every, give, giving, were, know, live, may, some, when

Word List 3D

old, round, once, after, could, them, over, then, thank, think, walk

Word List 4A

sit, its, very, sing, fast, or, best, gave, been

Word List 4B

us, first, buy, pull, made, off, why, tell, which

Word List 4C

wish, both, wash, these, those, their, call, found, around

Word List 4D

cold, goes, five, read, sleep, right, write, use, always

Word List 4E

green, before, does, many, don't, upon, would, work, your, because

Word List 5A

far, ten, keep, try, bring, long, own, pick, six, dones

Word List 5B

if, draw, cut, full, warm, fall, small, shall, show, better

Word Lists 5C

got, hot, grow, start, myself, carry, only, today, light, eight

Word List 5D

much, never, clean, drink, hold, hurt, seven, about, kind, laugh, together

Noun List 6A

bed, box, man, men, car, day, boy, baby, feet, cake

Noun List 6B

cat, dog, cow, duck, bird, farm, corn, egg, fish, fire

Noun List 6C

bell, ball, doll, hill, grass, toy, back, stick

Noun List 6D

leg, sun, top, pig, hand, milk, nest, robin, way

Noun List 6E

song, ring, wind, window, snow, seed, tree, street, sheep

Noun List 6F

coat, boat, name, game, time, home, horse, door, floor